KWoC was a lot more than experience and learning. Now, I had worked on the repositories and had interacted with their makers.

Sayan Sinha

I got to learn a lot about web scraping and webdriver automation.Lots of thanks to my mentor Nitin Choudhary and KOSS for such a wonderful initiative.

Rahul Vernwal

The project consisted of functions to decode and encode functions and some other features. I thought of developing a GUI to decode and encode in morsecode.

Arindam Biswas

Thanks to the people at Kharagpur open source society for organising Kharagpur Winter of code for the students who are eager to contribute to open source community.

Aditya Singh

That amazing feeling when you make your first commit or successfully merge your first pull request is something which cannot be described in words.Thank you KWOC for providing such a great opportunity.

Zishan Sami

I came to know about KWOC and was happy to contribute yet another project to the open source community. Among KWOC projects Sheldonisms impressed me.

Amrish Kumar