Hello, how can we help you?


Absolutely. This program specially is made for people like you who want to learn. We,the mentors, will help you wherever possible.
Kharagpur Winter of Code occurs entirely online , there is no requirement of staying back in the campus.
No, this is just a program which helps the students to learn how to contribute in the open-source world. This activity prepares you for programs like Google Summer of Code.
A student can work on any project as long as his work is evaluated/ reviewed by a KWoC mentor. Your contributions as a student will not be added in the contributions chart.
Please visit our facebook page : KOSS and share our posts. You can also share the link of this website. We would be very happy if you do that.
Please make sure to read the website. If after reading through it you still don't have an answer please consider reaching out to our page.


There is absolutely no selection criteria for students. You are selected in the program as soon as you register. So you don't have to ask your mentors "How to get selected for your project?", but instead go ahead with "How can I contribute to your project?".
If can not find your college name on Kshitij Website, simply drop an email at [email protected] and move ahead with the projects.
Please be patient with your mentor. If you do not get a response on the communication channel, contact the mentor on their email id. If no response for 3 days, inform us.
Students registration deadline is 7th December. The contribution chart goes live at the same time, so be quick, early bird catches the worm :) .
All the contributions that you will make in KWoC will be displayed on your GitHub timeline. So, that is a big plus if you are participating in any competitions and your GitHub profile is on display.
Sure ! Our program is open to all students irrespective of college !
There is no strict eligibility criteria as such. Read this Quora answer by Pranit Bauva : Answer
Play around git and GitHub. Create an account on GitHub, set up git on your machine and start experimenting with it.
Pretty fair ! You need to be working for the whole month regardless of your expertise level.
If you mean similar to KWoC, then this is the second time anything like this is happening in KGP. If you mean similar to GSoC, then look around, there are plenty of them e.g. KDE summer of code, Outreachy, Rails summer of code, etc.
GSoC requires 40 hours per week in summers. For KWoC, you may give 1-2 hours daily and that includes conversation with your mentor(s). More the project you choose, more time in conversing about the work.
If you remain with us till the end of the program, then you'll most likely receive a certificate for completion of the prgram.
Sky is the limit. You need to see the programming languages of the listed projects. But we recommend you one or more than one of Python, C++, JAVA and Javascript.
Yes sure! You can even work parallely on them. Well if you are a beginner it is advisable to focus your attention at one thing at a time. But the final choice is yours.
This question is very debatable. Participating in Open Source contribution will improve your skills on software development and of a particular programming language. Depending on your project, you might be able to use some of the algorithms too. But direct implications on ICPC will not be very helpful.