Kharagpur Winter of Code is a 5-week long online programme for students who are new to open source software development. The programme not only helps students to get involved in open source, but also prepares them for many open source summer programmes; Google Summer of Code being one of them.

Why KWoC?

Intro to Open Source

KWoC provides a great opportunity to get acquainted with Github along with Git commands and contribute to open source efficiently.

Brush up your coding skills

If you love coding and want to learn about software development then KWoC helps you to get a glimpse of it and gives you a head start.

Prepare for GSoC

With KWoC, you get to know about how to select a project, interact with mentors and learn all other things that prepare you in the best way for the next GSoC.


KWoC Commences
November 2018

Project Submission Begins

Mentor registration starts and they begin submitting their projects.
17thNov 2018

Accepting Student Applications

Student's register and gear up for the program.

26thNov 2018

Selected Projects Released

List of selected projects is released and students can start bonding with mentors.

1stDec 2018

KWoC Coding Period Begins

Students can now start working on the project of their choice, upon discussion with their mentors. Project and mentor registrations close.

5thDec 2018

Contribution Chart Up

A statistics board showing contributions of various students in KWoC is now visible to everyone. Student registration closes.

10thDec 2018

Mid Evaluations

Students and mentors have to provide mid evaluation reports to keep track of progress. Students with no commits would be removed from the programme.

24rdDec 2018

Pens Down Date

Students start wrapping up the project they were working on, send their last Pull Requests. You are encouraged to continue contributing, though no more stats count after this date.

10thJan 2019

End Evaluation Report

Students provide an end evaluation report published in their blog to successfully pass the programme.

13thJan 2019

Open Source Summit

Mentors and students are invited to present talks and multiple tracks of workshops are conducted. Registrations will begin towards the end of December 2018.

19th-20thJan 2019
See You Next Year

Statistics: KWoC 2017

KWoC 2017 carried forward the legacy set by the 2016 edition; and in many ways went past the set milestones. It was staggering participation from students, many of them made their first contributions to open source during KWoC, and mentors, who saw their projects surpass their own expectations by the end of the program.

  1. Apply on the student registration page and wait for an email from us (Please check Promotions and Spam as well).
  2. Choose project(s) that you want to contribute to, contact the assigned mentor(s) and work through December, learning the art of software development on the way.
1. Apply
2. Code
3. Push

KWoC '18 is over!

Do come back next year